PPRI News No. 88 - April - June 2011

* Awareness for invasive and toxic inkberries, jessamines (Cestrum species) * Research towards enhancing the biological control of invasive cactus in Northern Cape * Current status of yellow bells (Tecoma Stans), an invasive ornamental plant in South Africa.

PPRI News No. 87 - January - March 2011

* Biocontrol of Siam weed (chromolaena adorata) * is pompom weed waging chemical warfare on the grasslands it invades * the first report of a New World seed beetle in South Africa.

PPRI News No. 86 - October - December 2010

* Stem-galling wasp (Tetramesa romana) a host-specific natural enemy of the Invasive giant reed (Arundo donax) found to be widespread and parasitized In South Africa * First Annual South African Young Scientists Conference * The use of herbicides as a tool in managing famine weed * New biological control agent released against cat’s claw creeper (Macfadyena unguis-cat) * International Organization for Biological Control (IOBC) workshops on invasive alien plants held in Kenya.

PPRI News No. 85 - July - September 2010

* 38th annual workshop on the biological control of invasive alien plant in South Africa A * Biological control of famine weed (Parthenium hysterophorus) in South Africa * the rust fungus, Prospodium tuberculatum, rejected as a possible biocontrol agent for Lantana camara in South Africa.

PPRI News No. 84 - April - June 2010

* The biological control of the invasive plant Famine weed (Parthenium hysterophorus) in South Africa * Lantana herringbone leaf-miner now in Ethiopia.

PPRI News No. 83 - January - March 2010

* Biocontrol of Hydrilla verticillata at Pongolapoort Dam by an immigrant moth, Parapoynx diminutalis * Biocontrol of Hydrilla verticillata * National initiative aims to halt further expansion of pompom weed (Campuloclinium macrocephalum) * Survey for biocontrol agents against eastern Australian acacias * Lantana herringbone leaf-miner now in Madagascar.

PPRI News No. 82 - October - December 2009

* Southern African Plant Invaders Atlas (SAPIA) surveys in the south-western Cape * Refurbished weed pathogen quarantine facility * Weed biocontrol at the Sunday Tribune Garden and Leisure Show.

PPRI News No. 81 - July - September 2009

* Leaf smut appears to have controlled mistflower in KwaZulu-Natal * Promising candidate biocontrol agents for Mexican poppies.

PPRI News No. 80 - April - June 2009

* ARC-PPRI hosts international Chromolaena webpage: IOBC webpage upgraded and moved * biology and crossbreeding of two Pareuchaetes insulata populations * Initial establishment of the lantana petiole gall weevil biocontrol * Workshop on the biological control of invasive alien plants.

PPRI News No. 79 - January - March 2009

* Biocontrol of invasive cactus exceeds all expectations * Cornops aquaticum shows promise as a biological control agent for water hyacinth * A promising potential biocontrol agent for yellow bells (Tecoma stans) in South Africa * Role of fungal endophytes in promoting invasiveness of Australian Acacia species in South Africa.