PPRI News No. 98 - October - December 2013

* Stem- boring beetle released against rock hakea * Prospects brighten for the biological control of the weedy Mexican sunflower, Tithonia diversifolia, in South Africa * First releases of the pompom thrips in SA * A new weed biological control programme in South Africa against the invasive giant reed (Arundo donax)

PPRI News No. 97 - July - September 2013

* Biological control of balloon vine (Cardiospermum grandiflorum) in South Africa: targeting the seed output with the weevil (Cissoanthonomus tuberculipennis) * South Africa the first in Africa to release a stem boring weevil for the biological control of famine weed * First releases of Mexican beetle (Zygogramma bicolorata) against famine weed (Parthenium hysterophorus) in South Africa

PPRI News No. 96 - April - June 2013

* Release of biological control agents approved by DAFF * Dichrorampha odorata – a newly-released biocontrol agent for Siam weed (chromolaena odorata) * Destructive leaf – feeder about to be released against yellow bells.

PPRI News No. 95 - January - March 2013

* Taking a shot at Hakea (hakea sericea) * Invasive Alien acacia species as alternative substrate for oyster mushroom cultivate * Flower-galling mite shows great promise as a biological control agent of tickberry (Lantana camara in South Africa) * The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve and threats from invasive alien plants.

PPRI News No. 94 - October - December 2012

* A Century of Biological Control of Invasive Alien Plants in South Africa * Helping Heuningvlei community to surmount their cactus dilemma * Strangler invaders: a new threat.

PPRI News No. 93 - July - September 2012

* Two biocontrol successes for the cost of one * Current knowledge of spiders as biological control agents in South Africa * International Collaboration is a Boon to Biocontrol Research on Balloon Vine in South Africa.

PPRI News No. 92 - April - June 2012

* Rosewood (Tipuana psyllid) now in South Africa * a tale of two Mexican leaf beetles: candidate biocontrol agents for Mexican sunflower (tithonia rotundifolia) in South Africa.

PPRI News No. 91 - January - March 2012

* First releases of a biocontrol agent against Famine weed * New invasive Floating fern (salvinia) found at Hartebeespoort Dam.

PPRI News No. 90 - October - December 2011

* New fact sheets on invasive alien plants available * A helping hand for biological control in the Western Cape.

PPRI News No. 89 - July - September 2011

* Definitive Publication on the Biological Control of Invasive Alien Plant in South Africa * Weeds researchers attend international symposium in Hawai’i * Water hyacinth Grasshopper (Cornops aquatic) Free at last.