Spider gum

Spider gum

Eucalyptus conferruminata

Common Name:

Spider gum

Scientific Name:

Eucalyptus conferruminata

Alternative common names:

Bloekom, spinnekop, bushy yate, Bald Island marlock. 


Spider gum is a small tree with smooth, whitish grey bark. Yellow-green flowers appear from late winter to late spring. It is an attractive, medium-sized shade or screen tree. It is usually multi-trunked with light green, fragrant foliage. It prefers coastal conditions, where it tolerates dry winds and salt spray.

Additional Information

Where does this species come from?

Western Australia.

What is its invasive status in South Africa?

NEMBA - Category 1b in fynbos, grassland, savannah, Albany thicket, forest and Indian Ocean coastal belt biomes, but - Category 2 for plantations, woodlots, bee - forage areas, wind rows and the lining of avenues.

Where in South Africa is it a problem?

Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape.

How does it spread?

Why is it a problem?

What does it look like?

Leaves: Adult leaves are elliptical and 9 x 2.5cm in size, glossy and light green, coloured the same throughout.

Flowers: Yellow-green. It flowers in spring or summer.

Fruit/seeds: The capsule is greyish - brown, fused into a wooden mass up to 50mm long and 80mm wide.

Does the plant have any uses?


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