Screw pod wattle

Screw pod wattle

Acacia implexa

Common Name:

Screw pod wattle

Scientific Name:

Acacia implexa

Alternative common names:

hickory (English)


A small spreading tree 3-15m high with greyish-green curved leaves, originating from Australia. Flower which appear in summer are pale yellow to cream fluffy and round, there are usually 4-8 flowers on a central axis. The pale brown, long seed pods are straight when young, but become twisted and coiled to allow the release of the seeds. Pods are 6-20 cm long, 6-7 mm wide, and firmly papery to leathery.

Additional Information

Where does this species come from?


What is its invasive status in South Africa?

Existing legislation: CARA 2002 - Category 1 NEMBA - Category 1a

Where in South Africa is it a problem?

Western Cape

How does it spread?

Seed dispersal

Why is it a problem?

Competes with and has the potential to replace and reduce indigenous species. Screw pod wattle is a fast growing tree and invades agricultural lands.

What does it look like?

General description: A small spreading tree 3-15m high with greyish-green curved leaves.
Bark: Smooth greyish or brownish bark, becoming corrugated at the base.
Leaves: The leaves are greyish-green and curved, with several longitudinal veins.
Flowers: Pale yellow to cream fluffy round flower are present in the summer months, December to March.
Fruit/seeds: Pale brown, narrow seed pods, which are curved to twisted or coiled.

Does the plant have any uses?

Ornamental and as a shade tree.

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