Australian blackwood

Acacia melanoxylon

Australian Blackwood is a tree up to 20 m high, with a bole of about 150 cm in diameter. The bark on older trunks is dark greyish-black in colour, deeply fissured and somewhat scaly. Younger branches areribbed, angular, or flattened towards their tips and are greenish in colour.
These branchletsare usually mostly hairless (glabrousorglabrescent), but the stems of younger plants are sometimes more obviously hairy (denselypubescent).

Australian cheesewood

Pittosporum undulatum

Evergreen shrub or broadly conical tree up to 12m high. Dark green, shiny leavers tapering at both ends and usually wavy margins at the end of the branches. Fragrant white flowers in terminal clusters from August to September. Showy, orange turning brown capsules. 

Australian crimson oak

Grevillea banksii

The Australian crimson oak is a large shrub or small tree up to 10m in height. It is a noxious, woody evergreen that flowers for most of the year, but mainly in winter and spring. The fruit and flowers may cause dermatitis and the pollen may trigger hayfever.

Australian myrtle

Leptospermum laevigatum (Myrtaceae)

A large, densely branched and untidy spreading small tree reaching up to 8m high. The old stems are twisted and furrowed with flaking bark. Dull greyish-green, leathery leaves with rounded tips which end in a tiny point. Solitary white flowers appear from August to October. The green fruit capsules turn yellow and then grey.

Australian silky oak

Grevillea robusta (Proteaceae)

A large, evergreen tree 18-30m high with a straight trunk and moderately spreading crown. Leaves are dark green above and greyish-white or rusty-silk beneath and have a fern-like profile. Golden-orange flowers in terminal, bottle-brush-like sprays from September to November. Brownish-black, leathery fruits contain up to two winged seeds

Australian water clover

Marsilea mutica

Australian water clover is an aquatic water clover. It has reddish-brown stripes that split the darker green on the top half of the leaflets and the lighter green of the lower half. It reaches 4 to 12cm tall, spreads, and will grow in sun or shade. It also will grow in damp soil. It is very cold hardy - it will take temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.

Bailey's wattle

Acacia baileyana

A small evergreen tree, growing 3-6m in height with branchlets covered in greyish or silvery-blue foliage. Leaves are 20-50mm long and are arranged around branchlets spirally.
Flowers which bloom in July to September, are bright yellow, globular shaped with showy sprays.  Fruits are greyish-brown pods, approximately 100mm in length.

Balloon vine

Cardiospermum grandiflorum (Sapindaceae)

Balloon vine is a perennial, slightly woody climber with tendrils 2-5m or higher, often draping itself over trees. The stems are usually covered with bristly hairs. Bright green leaves are strongly serrated and sometimes hairy. White or yellow, fragrant flowers on compact heads appear from October to January. Membranous, inflated fruit capsules about 60mm long which are green turning brown

Banana poka

Passiflora tripartita

Banana poka  is a vigorous, scrambling, smothering plant that climbs up to 10 m high by means of its tendrils. It can smother trees, reducing native biodiversity and its fruit can encourage pest animals such as rats. Declared weed, prohibited and must be controlled in South Africa.


Casuarina cunninghamiana (Casuarinaceae)

A tall evergreen tree up to 40m high with arching, slender branches. Leaves have minute scales in whorls and are very much pine-like. The male flowers appear as yellowish spikes and female flowers in reddish heads from September to April and this tree produces small brown woody cones about 20mm long