Permits for Restricted Activities

Any person wishing to carry out a restricted activity in terms of a Category 2 listed species must apply for a permit through the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE). Category 2 listed species may be plants or animals. Conditions and exemptions will be stated on the permit informing the permit holder of what activities can or cannot be undertaken with the listed invasive species, such as restrictions on breeding, cultivation, or transporting across provincial boundaries. A Permit Application form can be downloaded here:


Sale or transfer of a Category 2 species.

If a person wishes to sell, donate or transfer a Category 2 listed species, the new owner must make an application for a permit before the sale or transfer can commence.

Chapter 6 of the Regulations covers the Risk Assessment Framework.

  • A risk assessment must be undertaken for an application for an import permit for an alien species.
  • Risk assessments must be carried out by a suitably qualified and registered Risk Assessment Practitioner. The Institute or issuing authority may also undertake the risk assessment.
  • Results of a Risk Assessment may be reviewed by Provincial Authorities to which the alien species is destined. 

Importing alien species

Anyone wishing to important an alien species in South Africa must apply for an importation permit. The application must be accompanied by a Risk Assessment to prove that the species does not pose a risk of invasion in South Africa. There are also veterinary and quarantine requirements that must be adhered to.

All imported specimens must be accompanied by veterinary health certificates or phytosanitary certificates as official declaration by the exporting authority that the risk of such specimen becoming a potential vector of invasive diseases or pathogens has been effectively managed. 

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