South Africa's National Listed Invasive Species - A5 Booklet

South Africa’s National Listed Invasive Species – NEMBA Alien and Invasive Species (AIS) Regulations (2014)

South Africa's Environmental Programmes - Project Overview

South Africa’s Environmental Programmes – Supporting natural resource management through public employment programmes – 2013

An overview of Environmental Programmes:  Working for Water, Working on Fire, Working for Wetlands, Working for Wildlife, Working for Forests etc

Enviroworks - Invasive Species: A threat to our heritage

Enviroworks – Biannual Environmental Newsletter of the City of Cape Town
Published by the City of Cape Town Environmental Resource Management Department in partnership with a range of other City Departments.

Green Jobs for Cape Town

The Socio-Economic Impacts of the Kader Asmal Integrated Catchment Management Project – 2013 Survey Results

City of Cape Town Mayoral Project:   A cross-cutting, inter-departmental project implemented by the Invasive Species Unit, Environmental Resource Management Department.

Water hyacinth control - Guideline document

This 31-page booklet provides insight into best practice, removal methods, training and equipment to deal with invasive water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes). While produced for the eThekwini Municipal Area, this booklet is most useful anywhere water hyacinth needs to be controlled.

Framework, strategy and action plan for the control of Alien Invasive Species

The Framework Strategy and Action Plan for Invasive Species in the eThekwini Municipal Area.

General Alien Invasive Plant Control

This useful 41-page booklet produced by eThekwini Municipality discusses general alien invasive plant control. The different methods of control are discussed concisely.