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The Cape Peninsula Early Detection, Rapid Response Programme (EDRR)

The Cape Peninsula Early Detection, Rapid Response Programme (EDRR)
Ulrike Irlich
Invasive Species Management, Environmental Resource Management, Westlake Conservation Office

Preventing the introduction of invasive species is the first line of defence against invasions. However, even the best prevention efforts will not stop all invasive species being introduced. Cities are known hotspots for invasion and new species are continuously introduced to our cities.

The Cape Peninsula EDRR Programme was initiated in 2008 and is a partnership between the City of Cape Town, the South Africa National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Natural Resources Management Programmes (NRMP) with the aim of targeting emerging invasive species. The Programme now targets 16 plant species in the Cape Peninsula and is expanding to include two wasp species as well as one bird species. The programme raises awareness among the residents of Cape Town and engages volunteers through the ‘spotter’ network. The programme also works with partners to identify and address pathways of new introductions and conducts research and monitoring programmes to improve effectiveness.

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