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View a range of videos on invasive species, including academic presentations held at various symposiums.


YouTube videos on invasive alien plants presentations.

These videos focus on plants, animals and biocontrol agents. They contain informative information on invasive species in South Africa.

In 2014 there are 59 videos that were recorded on Invasive Alien Plants in the following events:

42nd Symposium on Management of Alien Invasive Plants

The 42nd Annual Symposium on Management of Invasive Alien Plants was held from 18-24 June 2014 at Protea Karridene Beach Hotel KwaZulu Natal.

There are 52 presentations that were recorded during this symposium

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Agri TV - Invasive Alien Plants

Agri TV presentation about alien invasive plants by Clive Bromilow on 2014

Clive Bromilow is a top invasive author and expert and has a superb background in weeds and


There are about 7 presentations that were recorded.

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