Are NRMP funded Programmes meeting objectives?

Nicholas Cole: South African National Parks Biodiversity Social Projects

NRMP funding allocated to SANParks is increasing from R25.5 million in 2002/2003 to 216.6 million in 2012/2014. The relationship between the funder and SANParks can be considered healthy and mutually beneficial.

NRMP expects poverty alleviation to be a key focus area whereas SANParks looks towards biodiversity as a key focal area. Strategic objectives of NRMP are to improve socio economic benefits within the environmental sector. Also improve sector education and awareness and ecosystem services restored and maintained.

SANParks has a wider vision to connecting the society and a vision to acquire and manage a system of national parks that represents indigenous wildlife, vegetation, landscapes and associated cultural assets of South Africa for the joy and the benefit of the nation.

SANParks objective is also to contribute to SANParks core business by promoting the conservation of biodiversity and associated cultural historical and natural landscapes.

-Providing public use benefits and enjoyment through sustainable and responsible tourism.

-Building a constituency for biodiversity conservation through people and conservation programme.

-Contributing to local economic growth and job creation within the context of integrated development plans and regional planning frameworks.

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