Plans for eradication of Asphodelus Fistulosus in SA

Nolwethu Jubase - Invasive species programme -(EDRR)

Onion weed (Asphodelus fistulosus) native to Europe was recently recorded in South Africa for the first time and represents a first record of an invasive member of Asphodelaceae family in South Africa.

So far five small populations of this plant have been found along disturbed roadsides in deep sandy soils on the West Coast of South Africa. The known exact of this infestation in South Africa is still limited, such that it may be eradication target.

This species is an aggressive invader in other parts of the world, notably South West Australia and California.

Negative impacts of this plant in South Africa which are:

-Asphodelus Fistolosus is a weed of crops and pastures causing yield reductions due to competition with other plants.

-This species is unpalatable and not eaten by livestock unless feed is extremely scarce.

-Causes dermatitis in some people

-It can cause dermatitis in cattle and horses but occurrence of this is rare

One of the plans to eradicate this plant is to scale surveys which are distributing pamphlets to additional places and events on the West Coast asking for sightings of the plant.

For more information please see the fact sheets below:

Onion weed (Asphodelus fistulosus)



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