Nodding thistle in South Africa

Khanyisa Jama-Invasive species programme, South African National Biodiversity Insitute

Nodding thistle (Carduus nutans) is a large pink/purple flower heads; usually bend over at a 90 degree angle.

It is an aggressive invader that out competes native species, forms dense stands that crowd native plants and hinders the movement of livestock.

This plant is used as medicine and food by humans. It also has the ability to reduce productivity of pasture and rangeland by chemically inhabiting growth of other plant species.

This plant has been in South Africa for many years. The first report date about this plant was on 1925 in Port Alfred in Eastern Cape and it has not been categorised or listed as an invasive under CARA or NEMBA.

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Nodding thistle (Carduus nutans)

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