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Llewellyn Jacobs-University of Stellenbosch

Melaleuca parvistaminea is native to Victoria and New South Wales and was first brought to SANBI's Invasive Species Programme attention in 2009.

This species has not being recorded as an invasive anywhere else in the world.

Over 13 000 plants spread over 372 ha at 3 sites between Tulbagh and Wolsely in the Western Cape.

Population structure indicates considerably spread by seed with at least 63% of plants being seedling or juvenile. Clearing and fire trigger seed release causing prolific recruitment after winter rain.

This species identification interacts with Melaleuca pericifolia.

Melaleuca parvistaminea has rough bark leaves, flowers are white to cream petal tinged pink and obligate reseeder.

This is a small tree species occurs in wetlands and near streams.

The aim of the project is to determine current distribution, characterise population dynamics and age at reproduction of Melaleuca parvistaminea in South Africa. And also determine the feasibility of eradication.

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