Assessing invasiveness and potential eradication for Australian Acacias

Nkoliso Magona - Invasive Species Programme, SANBI

Several Australian Acacia species have become widespread and abundant invaders, with significant negative impacts on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and socio- economic life in South Africa.

However, there are several species that are less widespread but which may have potential to expand their range into suitable but as yet unoccupied areas.

Here we consider 11 species that have been recorded as present in South Africa. For four of these, naturalised populations have been identified and efforts towards extirpation are under way (Acacia adunca, Acacia fimbriata, Acacia retinodes, Acacia viscidula)

For other species, individual plantings have been identified, but not cleared yet as there is no or little evidence of naturalisation or invasion risk e.g.(Acacia adunca), Acacia cultriformis, Acacia pendula and Long leaved wattle (Acacia ulicifolia).

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