Satansbos the return of the threat in the E. Karoo and F.S.

Justin C.O. du Toit - Grootfontein Agricultural Development Group

A re-emergence of the agricultural weed Satansbos (Solanum elaeagnifolium) in the Eastern Karoo and Free State has been postulated. Satansbos (Solanum elaeagnifolium) is common in the Eastern Karoo and Free State Towns, which act as a source of seeds and fragments for dispersal into other areas.

Satansbos is found in arable lands, from home gardens to large irrigation schemes. Owing to the proximity of arable land to water, there is imminent threat of satansbos invading large catchments.

A multi- stakeholder group ESAG (Eradicate Satansbos Action Group) was formed to address the issue within the Chris Hani Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

ESAG’s approach is to attempt to control satansbos in towns, along roads, and in other key areas with herbicides using human resources recruited through the Expanded Public Works Programme.

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