Management approaches for controlling the spread of Silver wattle

Nicky McLeod - Environmental & Rural Solutions (ERS); Conservation SA under UCPP network

Invasive Silver wattle (Acacia dealbata) spread and regrowth due to inadequate follow up, has outstripped Working for Water’s commendable efforts to reduce infestation countrywide.

The Working for Water wage-incentive alien plant clearing programme has the demonstrated benefits of job creation and tackling infested hectares fairly cost effectively.

The programme is based on short term externally managed and funded interventions which, when they cease, can leave cleared areas vulnerable to re-infestation and beneficiaries with debt burdens.

In effort to overcome the huge challenges posed by invader regrowth and hiatuses in funding flow, this presentation poses alternative approaches for sustainability tackling alien spread in communal landscapes being explored by civil society groups in the upper Umzimvubu catchment.

The target areas are identified for both their location as a buffer to control further spread, as well as accessibility for conversion to productive sites to prevent re-infestation.
For more information see the fact sheet below:

Silver wattle (Acacia dealbata)

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