Priority areas after alien plant clearance in the City of Cape Town 

Elana Mostert – Centre for invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University

Invasion by invasive alien species is a worldwide conservation problem, posing the second largest threat to biodiversity.

Invasive alien plants have a range of negative impacts: transforming ecosystems, reducing biodiversity and compromising on the delivery of ecosystem functions and services.

Management interventions such as restoration could alleviate some of these negative impacts.

Passive restoration consists of the clearance of IAP but is often not sufficient for ecosystem recovery, hence the need for a more pro-active approach of active restoration, e.g. re-introduction of native species in some instances.

The aim of this study is to develop and illustrate a framework to distinguish between areas in need of active and passive restoration in the City of Cape Town. Secondly, to prioritise restoration areas.

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