The National Invasive Alien Plant Survey Phase 11

Ian Kotze-Institute for Soil, Climate and Water- Stellenbosch

Ian’s job is to divide a map for major IAP species infestation. The negative impact of Invasive Alien Plant species on natural areas as well as other areas such as agricultural land has been extensively researched.

Certain mitigation strategies and programmes have been put in place such as internationally recognised Working for Water Programme of Environmental Affairs. Such an initiative requires objectivity determined spatial distribution data of IAP species at the required scale to allow for effective planning implementation and future monitoring of IAP spatial changes.

The National invasive Alien Plant Survey project was initiated by the Working for Water Programme and implemented by the Agriculture Research Council.

The aim was to establish and implement a cost effective, objective and statistically sound IAP monitoring system for South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland at a quarterly catchment level.

A complete inventory and a standard sampling approach both have limitations, mainly due to the size of the study area and variation in the natural environment, leading to high associated costs.

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