Developing a National Strategy for Cactus Management in SA

Haylee Kaplan- SANBI Invasive Species Programme

Cactus species are among South Africa’s worst invaders, posing both economic and ecological threats to our economy.

To effectively deal with both existing and future cactus invasions, the National Cactus Working Group was established in 2012, comprising representatives of all major stakeholders directly involved in cactus management and policy implementation.

The purpose of Cactus Working Group is to co-ordinate cactus management at a national management with the specific objectives of drawing up a strategies framework in which this can be accomplished.

The goal of Cactus Working Group is to prevent new invasions through risk assessment, surveillance and rapid response, manage existing cactus invasions effectively through integrated management of widespread species using best practice methods and eradication of current and potential invaders where possible.

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