Impact of Aceria lantanae on Lantana

Ludzula Mukwevho-ARC PPRI

In South Africa, several biological control agents for Lantana (Lantana camara) have been released over the years, but limited information is known on their distribution and impact on the natural ecosystems invaded by the weed.

The study is therefore undertaken to determine the impact of the selected biological control agent, Aceria lantanae on Lantana(Lantana camara) has been influenced plant and invertebrate richness and community composition of invaded habitants.

A total of twenty five sites will be selected from the severely invaded inland (Limpopo) and coastal (Kwazulu Natal) areas/ provinces of South Africa. Study sites will include eight Lantana camara infested sites with biological control Aceria lantanae, eight L. camara sites, free of Aceria lantanae by means of chemical exclusion and four L. camara free sites.

Biodiversity and lantana growth and reproduction parameters will be collected seasonally from each site.

For more information see the fact sheets below:

Lantana(Lantana camara)

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