Biocontrol incompatibilities

Osariyekemwen Uyi-ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute,Cedara

Recent studies have elucidated the morphological and genetic differences between the biotype of Chromolaena odorata invasive in Southern Africa and more widespread chromolaena biotype invasive in Asia and West Africa.

Incompatibility of biological control agents with the southern African chromolaena biotype has been suggested as a possible factor response for the limited success of the biological control of this weed in South Africa.

The first biological control agent to establish on Chromolaena odorata (Triffid weed)in South Africa, Parauchaetes insulata, was collected in Florida, USA, on chromolaena plants dissimilar to the southern African chromolaena biotype.

Although this insect did establish at one site, out if 30 sites at which over one million individuals were released, its population level in the field generally remain low.

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Chromolaena odorata (Triffid weed)

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