Communicating invasive species - quantifying an online strategy

Communicating invasive species - quantifying an online strategy
Kay Montgomery
Biosecurity Unit, Environmental Programmes, Department of Environmental Affairs

How do you quantify the success of an invasive species advocacy campaign?  What lessons can South Africa draw from the international media?   Where are the local communication successes? And have negative campaigns launched by opponents to NEMBA gained traction over the past year? In a wide ranging presentation, Kay Montgomery analyses the...

  • Successes and failures of communication in assisting the management of invasive reptiles, fish and birds;
  • Damage wrought by the anti-NEMBA trout lobby to the invasive species movement;
  • Ethics of inventing devilish common names and rebranding others. Can we really market a Tree of Hell?

And finally....

  • Quantifying the success of online advocacy and communication invasive species campaigns using Google Analytics, Edgeranking and Social Media ROI (return on investment) formulas?