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News updates

Good news prevailed at the latest KwaZulu-Natal Invasive Alien Species Forum (KZN IASF) meeting held on 28 August, 2013 in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, outside Durban. Speakers from the Plant Protection Research Institute, Ezemvelo-KZN Wildlife, eThekwini Municipality and the South African National Biodiversity Institute all reported back on positive progress made on various invasive species issues.
A famine weed workshop was held at Umfolozi Park, Hluhluwe on 13-14 August, 2013 to develop the first draft of a Famine Weed Strategy for Protected Areas in KwaZulu-Natal.
As South Africa celebrates ‘100 Years of Biocontrol’, scientists from the Plant Protection Research Institute announced that 11 new biocontrol agents may soon be unleashed onto some of our worst invasive plants. These agents are expected to cause noticeable damage to targeted invasives and reinforce existing biocontrol methods.
A working group on invasive alien plants (IAPs) programmes in KwaZulu-Natal are running a pilot study for naming invasive alien plants in isiZulu. This group of people includes environmentalists who come from different parts of KwaZulu-Natal and speak isiZulu in different dialects.
The 4th Cactus Working Group (CWG) meeting was held at Biodiversity auditorium at the National Botanical Gardens in Pretoria on 12September, 2013. The core focus of this meeting was to discuss progress on the development of the National Cactus Management Strategy.
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