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News updates

Tracking the distribution of emerging Invasive Alien Plants (IAPs) is an important line of defence that can hold back a tidal wave of ecological and financial complications. The next step is developing management interventions for these problem plants. IAPs advance aggressively, outcompete and replace indigenous vegetation, and impact negatively on South Africa’s rich biodiversity, and…
eThekwini Municipality’s annual Weedbuster Week was held at the Durban Botanic Gardens on the 2ndof October 2013 and was attended by just over 100 people. This annual event aims to facilitate interaction and knowledge sharing between various municipal departments and other organizations involved with IAP control. This year the event focussed on biological control with…
The Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD) have updated and redesigned the well-known “Beautiful but Dangerous” posters and these are available for distribution to various interested parties. In addition, the Department has also designed and produced easy-to-use flashcards. These flashcards replicate the information in the posters but are more durable, and are easier to…
The Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi, gave a speech on the occasion of celebrating eighteen years of the Working for Water Programme and International WeedBuster Day in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, on 16 October 2013:
The City has released water hyacinth hopper insects into Zeekoevlei to help control the spread of invasive water hyacinth - Cape Town and South Africa’s worst aquatic weed.
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