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Three exotic spiders have recently been identified as invasive in South Africa. Badumna longinqua of the family Desidae is a native spider from Australia and was introduced into New Zealand, Japan, United States, and South America where it was recorded only from Uruguay. Recently, it was recorded in Germany as well.
The 42nd Annual Symposium on the Management of Invasive Alien Plants will be held from 18-20 June, 2014 at the Protea Karridene Beach Hotel in KwaZulu-Natal. This annual symposium draws South Africa’s top weed and biocontrol scientists, as well as invasion biologists, under one roof to discuss topical issues on the management of invasive alien…
International Day of Forests (March 21) celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of forests. This day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, observed for the first time in 2013. The objective of this day is to encourage international, national and local communities to organise activities involving forests and trees.
Two highly invasive wasp species are expanding their range throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape and the City and its partners are calling upon the public to help identify and report new colonies.
Feeding waterfowl and other birds such as guinea fowl is a popular activity for some people. Tossing food like bread, table scraps, corn or popcorn attracts ducks, geese and other birds to places like dams, parks and ponds.
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