Joburg City Parks and Zoo clear invasives at Bellefield Park

Joburg City Parks and Zoo celebrated National Invasive Species Week on Wednesday 7 October, 2015 with a high profile event in Mondeor, Johannesburg. During a one day blitz, teams from Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Working for Water (WfW) and Joburg City Parks cleared a riverine area in a suburban park removing dense thickets of wattle and bugweed. See our gallery of images taken on the day.

National Invasive Species Week is an awareness campaign that aims to highlight the destructive nature of invasive plants and animals on water supply, biodiversity, health and the environment.

A massive clearing operation took place along a stream system in Mondeor where teams were deployed from various EPWP Projects, including Working for Water and Joburg City Parks. Choking wattle (Acacia), poplar (Populus), bugweed (Solanum mauritianum) and hackberry (Celtis australis) were removed from the wetland embankments.

This event took place at Bellefield Park, corner Bellefield Avenue and Ormonde Drive, Mondeor, Johannesburg. The event formed part of Joburg City Parks and Zoo’s Operation Shandukisa which runs from October 2015 to May 2016. Operation Shandukisa includes a major regional clean-up of invasive plants in the different regions of the City, utilising teams of up to 30 EPWP workers at a time.